No direct billing available. Receipts issued and available for reimbursement to all insurance companies with the exceptions of Blue Cross and Manulife. Reiki treatments are covered by Chamber of Commerce when combined with a Massage.

All massage services provided by Remedial Massage Therapist Shannyn Dayle Chambers (RMT with NHPCA РNational Health Practitioners of Canada) 2006- Present

All Massage Therapy, Hawaiian Bodywork and Usui Reiki treatments offered exclusively from within Kramp Chiropractic.



Reiki Classes

Are you interested in learning the ancient healing art of Usui Reiki? Shannyn Dayle Chambers offers Reiki classes up to groups of 3 or as an individual. Please contact for more information.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese method for healing that was introduced in 1926. Healing at a cellular level, Reiki is gentle, non invasive and has no dogma attached. One hour of reiki  is equivalent to 3 Р5 hours of sleep.